Special tools for automotive

Milling tools

  • Diesel HD pumps
  • Gear housing
  • Transmission parts
  • Gear cutters
  • Engine blocks and engine block parts
  • Milling of friction linings and brake linings

Milling process brake linings

We are one of the few tool suppliers to mill the brake pads instead of grinding them. The advantages of milling opposite to grinding are obvious: your worn material is fully recyclable. This is not readily possible during grinding because particles of the abrasive are mixed with the dust of the material. The material of the brake pads would be contaminated thereby and the brake disc would wear too much or even damage. When milling, however, you can remove the material and recycle it. The processing process is also 100% automated.

zermet - brake disc tooling

Lifting devices, NC-lifting devices, tube processing, prism mount, manual fine tune, drilling tools, drill-cutting-plates. (Filesize approx.: 3,7MB)