• Oil separator, band skimmer, disc skimmer
  • Cold air equipment
  • MMS (minimum quantity lubrication)
  • Magnetic clamping systems
  • Zero point clamping systems

Tool presetting:

  • Hydraulic tool clamping
  • Cold air nozzles
  • Minimum quantity lubrication system - MMS
  • Power chuck
  • Tension chuck
  • Cold air nozzles
  • Oil separator
  • Tool clamping
  • Hydrostar, hydrotension chuck

The oil skimmer is used to remove foreign oils from cooling lubricants. As a result, bacterial formation is largely avoided and the service life of the cooling lubricants is considerably increased. The load on the machine operator due to the development of odors and steam is significantly reduced.

Cold air device

The principle of the cold air nozzle is based on the mode of operation of vortex tubes. Ordinary compressed air is divided into a cold and a hot air stream. The cold air nozzle can produce a cooling capacity of up to 733W or temperatures of approx. -40┬░ C without additional energy supply by means of current or moving parts and requires only operating pressure air of approx. 6 bar.