zermet Zerspanungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG

We are a manufacturer of special tools for almost all areas of industrial cutting technology. Our special tools allow you to process your products economically. With efficient and competent technology partners we develop efficient special tools. Our day-to-day business is a challenging task in the field of special tools, molds and toolmaking as well as in the automotive sector. Contact us! We will give you a deeper insight into our service range.

Engineering engages the activities of planners, technical consultants, designers, designers, production staff and salesmen. Constructively, we support you (Sitemap) with our 3-D CAD systems. We guarantee you maximum secrecy. Quality and time are the first priority. We do not explain how it "does not work" but develop a special tool for your machining technology requirement. Professional engineers also work with you on the spot to find an optimal solution for your machining process. The industrial market demands on quality, speed and profitability are very high and require a well thought-out solution. Joint tasks define the task and collect the possible solutions for the machining process. Experienced engineers will provide you with solutions for your application during the whole process.

One of the king's disciplines in machining technology is mold and tool making. Maximum machining performance combined with maximum process reliability enable you to perform an automated machining process. With zermet tools and milling strategies, you are ready for the future. HPC / HFC / HQC strategies are lived and entered into your machine park. State-of-the-art electrode processing in graphite copper ensures your lead. Our tools are continually being further developed to take advantage of the advances in cutting technology in practice. Innovations in part processing and machining processes:> Selection of suitable tools> Optimization of cutting values> Complete machining, soft and hard machining, electrode processing We offer you a wide range of performance in the machining technology, such as, for example, Sitemap or the like. Let us convince you of our diversity.

Years of experience in brake disc processing is your assurance for optimum advice and tool design. High-performance drilling tools for the brake disc drillings provide the highest process safety with the best economy. When you rotate the brake disk friction surface, you have the largest selection of lifting tools in manual and CNC design. As a lubricant we offer you hardmetals, cermet, ceramics and CBN. With powerful and competent technology partners in the boat, we develop economical and powerful special tools. With high process reliability and fixed prices, your calculation will convince you. Because we know "that we can do that", sophisticated machining processes are closely linked with the name zermet Zerspanungstechnik GmbH & Co. KG. Ask us, the market will thank you.

zermet - brake disc tooling

Lifting devices, NC-lifting devices, tube processing, prism mount, manual fine tune, drilling tools, drill-cutting-plates. (Filesize approx.: 3,7MB)


zermet - brake disc coating - Bremsscheiben Beschichtung

zermet Bremsscheiben Beschichtung Anlagen Konzept. Brake disc coating (PDF 3MB)


z1-(milling tools for shaping and tooling)

cylindric tools, cylinder shaft, special tools, cylindric hard metal tools, and many others. (Filesize: approx. 30 MB)


zermet products for Aerospace

To increase the quality of production for our customers is the philisophy of zermet.The kontinuisly development of our standard tools and the design of new tools and systems shoulgincrease the profit of our customers.


zermet - molding tools

Roughing cutter, shank cutters, corner milling cutter, cylindrical hard metal tools, special tools, conical hard metal tooling, round copy-plates, toric copy-plates, torische Schruppplatten, torische PKD-copy-plates, PKD ball end mills, toric PKD shank cutters, power chucks, Hydrodehn-Spannelemente, chucks, driven tools, special tools. (Filesize: 6,8 MB)


zermet poliangolar (profile tools, wobbling tools)

The poliangolar tooling system enables you to produce an economical and machine-friendly production of internal and external profiles.


zermet clamping technology

HydroStar tensioning technology, presetting devices, MC-Tension tongs, MCT-screw tap, MCTF/MCTX screwing chuck, MF/MC chucking chucks, MC clamping sleeves


Our technical consultants will help you with your hard machining tasks. For this purpose, we offer you customized tungsten carbide as well as CBN and ceramic tools. We support you with your turning, milling, drilling and finishing. Modern new materials such as GRP, CFRP, ceramics and super-alloys as well as matched tools and special tools. Upon customer request, the tools are retracted by the customer during the manufacturing process. The customer is trained and familiarized with the tools. Products and documentation are handed over. Our customers have the opportunity to contact us personally after the completion of a project. Rapid, unbureaucratic support is our strength. For our products we train in the house. In addition, we provide training in general machining technology topics. Customized product training.

Milling brake linings

We are one of the few toolmakers to brake the brake disc milling instead. The advantages for the milling process compared to grinding are obvious: your worn material is fully recyclable. This is not readily possible during grinding because particles of the abrasive are mixed with the dust of the material. The material of the brake pads would be contaminated and the brake disk would wear too much or even damage. In the case of milling, however, you can remove the material and clean it with a suction device. The processing process is also 100% automatable.

Shaping tools / Wobbling tools / Smoothing tools / Rolling tools For your complete machining of e.g. Shafts, hubs or screws, etc., you need the production process "bumping" & "tumbling". Zermet supplies the tools and the special cutting and profile stamps. It can be used on standing and rotating spindles. Tool holders are adapted to your processing machine.

For the processing of, for example, pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders, piston bores, connecting rods, etc., smooth-rolling tools are a necessity. They increase the surface quality, strength and sliding properties of your components. We cooperate with partner companies such as Wenaroll in the field of smoothing tools.

As a privately-run company, we are constantly striving to meet your requirements for our products and services. High-caliber research and development of cutting tools and Sitemap, in cooperation with our customers and universities, is our daily drive.