Molds and tooling

One of the king's disciplines in machining technology is mold and tool making. Maximum machining performance combined with maximum process reliability enable you to perform an automated machining process. With zermet tools and milling strategies, you are ready for the future. HPC / HFC / HQC strategies are lived and entered into your machine park. State-of-the-art electrode processing in graphite copper ensures your success.

Our tools are continually being further developed to take the advantages in cutting technology in practice.

Innovations in parts processing and machining processes

Selection of suitable tools

Optimization of cutting values

Complete machining, soft and hard machining, electrode processing

Our catalogs: molds & tooling

z1-(milling tools for shaping and tooling)

cylindric tools, cylinder shaft, special tools, cylindric hard metal tools, and many others. (Filesize: approx. 30 MB)


zermet - molding tools

Roughing cutter, shank cutters, corner milling cutter, cylindrical hard metal tools, special tools, conical hard metal tooling, round copy-plates, toric copy-plates, torische Schruppplatten, torische PKD-copy-plates, PKD ball end mills, toric PKD shank cutters, power chucks, Hydrodehn-Spannelemente, chucks, driven tools, special tools. (Filesize: 6,8 MB)